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Tutor For Nurses helps nursing students prepare for and pass the NCLEX® (The National Council Licensure Examination) and all types of nursing exams. We are proud to say that Tutor For Nurses has a 100% pass rate for those who follow my plan and direction. We can help you.

NCLEX® Test Prep

We are proud of our 100% NCLEX® pass rate for those who follow our plan. Our tutoring is tailored to each individual student. We are able to discover weaknesses and problem areas that make it difficult for students to pass. Together we will use our time-tested strategies to help you study smarter and pass your NCLEX-RN® and NCLEX-PN® test.

Nursing Test Tutor

We will help you pass your nursing exams. We work with a wide range of students with various abilities and challenges to pass all levels of nursing exams including HESI, ATI, CGFNS, Med-Surg, CCRN, CNE, CEN, NCLEX®. We help students with learning disabilities, psychological and emotional difficulties, extreme anxiety, and more.

Custom Classes

Call on Tutor For Nurses for presentations on wide variety of medical-related topics. Any topic can be turned into a private, semiprivate, group class, conference talk or workshop. Presentations can be tailored for the layperson as well and offered at libraries, community centers and more.


100% NCLEX® & Nursing Test Pass Rate for Those Who Follow Our Plan & Direction