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Wendy K. Greenspan, MSN, RN, CCRN-K, CNE (aka Professor G.) is a Master Teacher, Program Designer, and Presenter who has collaborated and presented, at many healthcare-related conferences and workshops revolving around nursing care and the community.

About Custom Classes with Tutor For Nurses

Call on Tutor For Nurses to teach a wide variety of nursing and medical-related topics. Any subject can be turned into a private, semiprivate, group class, presentation or workshop. Presentations can be tailored for the layperson as well and offered at libraries, community centers and more.

Tutor For Nurses’ Custom Classes/Workshops include but not limited to:

• Test-taking strategy workshop
• NCLEX® Prep
• Pharmacology
• Bullying
• Care of the patient related to any body system
• Dysthymias
• Emergent Medication Management
• Respiratory management including tracheal tubes and ventilators
• Treat your heart like a Valentine
• Caregiver stress, Compassion fatigue
• Nutrition for the older adult
• The relationship between laughing on health
• Medication safety

Have an idea for a class? Let me know and I will create it for you.

You need a nurse to save your life.

~ Wendy K. Greenspan

We meet in person, via phone, Zoom, Skype, FaceTime


Looking for medical-related topics/classes? Call on us. RN Boot Camp can turn any topic into a private, semiprivate, group class, presentation, or workshop.

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