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We are your personal NCLEX® or other Nursing Test Mentor. When our students strictly follow the plan we lay out for them, they pass their exams, 100% of the time.

We will assist you in your exam prep as if your training for a Marathon.
We are in this together.

We meet in person, via phone, Zoom, Skype, FaceTime

How We Work Together To Help You Pass Your Nursing Tests

Get Organized.
We will help you get organized. Prepping for the NCLEX® Exam is NOT the same as studying for any Nursing School exam. Some students and graduates make the mistake of treating their NCLEX® prep as if they were in school.

Get Your Life in Order
We will help you get your life in order. As a Nurse Counselor, we will help you cut through issues to see what is important and help you prioritize. We will also help with time management and help keep you focused!

Stay away from Chat rooms, Social Media Forums, Family, Friends, Classmates
Talking to others about their NCLEX® experiences i.e. how many questions they got, what kind of questions, etc. is not relevant to you and can create more anxiety.

Week by Week Calendar
We will create a specific study plan using a specific source/test bank that we select. You will answer all test questions and activities that are on your calendar. Your goal is to achieve the anticipated scores. We will track the scores with you.

Maintain Balance
Maintaining balance is extremely important. Out of the eight NCLEX® categories tested, you must be above the passing standard to successfully pass the exam. Being consistent in your approach helps achieve balance and success.

Our Basic Nursing Test Prep Steps:

Read the question carefully and determine the following: where you are (ER, patients’ home), who is the patient, age, culture, time frame, changes in condition.

The Question

What is the main point/ topic of the question? What does it want you to do?
If you cannot understand the main topic of the question look at the answers for help. There are no tricks. Patients are complicated! They come with many problems, but your test question will usually focus on one. You need to think critically and piece information together. It’s like putting a 5000-piece puzzle together. That’s hard!

Priority Questions

If you’re dealing with a priority question, the question will ask things like: What does the nurse do first, next, what is the priority action?
There are many strategies to use in approaching these questions. In a priority question, all the answers will be correct but only one should be done first! In the end you select the option that will cause the most harm to “that” patient first.

The Options

Review each option and decide how to “work THIS question”.
Each question is its own entity and has to be treated uniquely. You can have two questions about the same thing with similar options, but the strategy applied will be different, as will the answer. Often, you’ll need several strategies to answer a question. This is why it’s important to store all the used techniques in a place that is reachable like the “toolbox” I mentioned. This helps to build skill, clinical reasoning and success!

Some examples strategies that I will teach, enforce and reinforce are:
• Ask yourself why would the nurse do this? Does this make sense?
• ABC’s, nursing process for priority
• Expected versus unexpected (my personal favorite)
• In a 4-option question, your answer is based off your other answers
• Remember the answer is staring right at you
• Extreme words – watch out!
• To call the Doctor or any other “lifeline” -use extreme caution
• And many, many, many more

The Answer

Commit and Submit. Do not change your answer unless lightning strikes!


Need specialized tutoring help? I am here to help. I have helped many people pass after 10 -25 failures.

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