Nurse Navigator

Wendy K. Greenspan, MSN, RN, CCRN-K, CNE addresses the needs of the patient from a logistics perspective with a clinical lens, explaining treatment options and providing advice and support to the patient.

What Is a Nurse Navigator

About Nurse Navigator Services from RN BootCamp

As a Nurse Navigator, I  guide, educate, advocate for, and encourage patients and their families within a particular diagnosis and its related issues.

I  help coordinate care and ensure that there are no gaps in the clinical care of the prescribed treatment plan and all disciplines are communicating for the most holistic care of the patient.

As a Nurse Navigator, I reach out proactively, facilitate communication between providers, prevent delays in treatment, offer psychological support, monitor and manage symptoms, and identifies and recommend resources.

Healthcare is a complex system. Most nurses are not able to pay attention to assisting patients in navigating the health care system, process, or coordinating care/provider appointments. As a Nurse Navigator, I act as a formal coordinator of care at the highest level of the RN’s scope of practice.

The healthcare journey of any patient, no matter the state of health, can be overwhelming. My skills of a Nurse Navigator can smooth rough waters and help control the turbulence. Through logistical management, advocating for the patient and family, and demonstrating compassion, the journey becomes much more tolerable.

Nursing is what you are not what you do!

~ Wendy K. Greenspan

We meet in person, via phone, Zoom, Skype, FaceTime

A Better Patient/Client Experience

The Nurse Navigator serves as a single point of contact for the patient who has multiple clinicians and healthcare settings from which to manage information. This includes, but is not limited to, communicating with members of the care team to facilitate teamwork, efficiency, and improve outcomes. The nurse navigator reaches out proactively, facilitates communication between providers, prevents delays in treatment, offers psychological support, monitors and manages symptoms, and identifies and recommends resources.

As a Nurse Navigator, I rely on my clinical expertise, outstanding communication skills, active listening, extraordinary patience, and abilty to problem-solve the most difficult situations.

How We Work

We begin with an initial meeting to review your situation and develop a plan. The initial meeting is typically in person, with subsequent phone calls on a weekly basis.

It’s important for the Nurse Navigator to explain the diagnosis and all that is involved with it, from pathophysiology, possible symptoms, possible potential diagnostic tests, treatments, what to expect and more. Most importantly, what questions should be asked to the provider.

Meetings/interactions/communications at various times depending on diagnosis between the patient, family, and the nurse navigator.

Summary notes are created and the next steps provided to patients and the primary care provider/s.

We communicate as often as needed by phone/FaceTime/Zoom/Skype for updates.


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